Tomchim: Beit Natan Home Hospice Volunteers

Many cancer patients in need of long-term care live at home and are cared for by family members. Full-time home care is stressful for the primary caregiver and for the entire family. The ill family member often cannot be left at home alone, and may require physical care that leaves the caregiver(s) physically and emotionally exhausted. Family members may not be able to go to work, and simple tasks like grocery shopping and housekeeping become burdensome. Children suffer, as it becomes impossible to focus on their needs in a typical manner.

Tomchim volunteers provide comprehensive care and support to the chronically ill with kindness and dignity, while also providing home caregivers with respite from the burden of full time care. Trained volunteers provide companionship for patients while freeing the family from the stress of full-time care. Volunteers are available to spend leisure time with the patient, assist with visits to medical appointments, help with grooming, read, work on crafts or simply have a conversation. Volunteers may also provide companionship for a family member. In short, the volunteer extends the support system of the patient and his or her family as they move through the challenges of life-threatening illness.

Volunteers maintain strict confidentiality and respect the dignity, boundaries and culture of the patient and his or her family.

Tomchim Volunteers Training Program

Tomchim Volunteers Training Program

Tomchim volunteers participate in rigorous training conducted by health professionals prior to beginning their work.

For additional information about the Home Hospice Volunteers or the Tomchim Training Program, click here.