Careers After Cancer

As cancer treatment improves, an estimated 70% of individuals diagnosed will thankfully be cured and return to their routine.  However, the emotional process they went through combined with the side effects of illness and treatment often mean that they must reevaluate their jobs and abilities, and make changes in their professional lives.  In addition, many individuals are entitled to government support and on-the-job flexibility but are not aware of their rights.

Careers after Cancer is a new program designed to assist cancer patients and cancer survivors as they re-enter the workforce, taking into account their emotions, the trauma they have faced, and the realities of the workplace. The workshops and individual counseling empower participants to choose a new direction in their professional life.

Utilizing one’s rights and being prepared can make the difference between reintegrating successfully with enhanced healing or suffering the frustration and depression of unemployment or unreasonable work conditions. Careers After Cancer provides the tools for success.

This groundbreaking program has been in the news on several occasions! Click here to read about Careers After Cancer in The Jewish Week. Click here to read about Careers After Cancer in Israel 21C.

Careers After Cancer is generously funded by a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix.

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